Goran Dragic pretends to not speak English so he can cheat at cards

Jimmy Butler ratted out Goran Dragic in a new video with GQ. Apparently, Dragic speaks perfect English, except when someone is explaining how he’s just cheated at cards.

Chemistry was a huge part of the Miami Heat’s run to last year’s NBA Finals, helping them overcome more talented teams in the Eastern Conference. And it’s clear that the players on the team still have a strong bond with each other. That, apparently includes, being willing to overlook some questionable shenanigans around a friendly game of cards.

In a recent video with GQ, Heat star Jimmy Butler went undercover on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and more to answer real comments and questions from fans. In an answer to who the funniest player on the Heat is, Butler outed Goran Dragic as a relentless card cheat:

“The reason I think Goran is so funny is because when he doesn’t want to do something, he always acts like he doesn’t understand English. But he speaks perfect English! So it’s like when you’re playing a game like cards or something, and he knows that he’s cheating. He’ll play and then be like, ‘didn’t know, don’t understand,’ and we’re like, ‘Goran, you just cheated. You know that.’ Any time he does that it’s the absolute funniest thing in the world to me.”

Butler answers plenty more questions including how he got his nickname and how much money he made from his famous bubble coffee shop. Watch the entire video below:

Cheating at cards isn’t the only long con Goran Dragic is running

If you’re watching closely, you’ll notice Butler also mentions Dragic as the one player who never paid for a coffee in the bubble and explained, in detail, Dragic’s strategy for distraction and obfuscation when it came time to pay up. Sounds like everyone should be watching their wallets around Dragic.

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