Bobby Portis gets introduced to the best Bobby Portis memes on Reddit

The Milwaukee Bucks forward was introduced to Bobby Portis memes for the first time.

No matter what professional athletes do, they are always subject to memes. If a player happens to do something funny or make a hilarious facial expression, they could become the subject of meme material for the foreseeable future. Some of them are unaware of it. Take Milwaukee Bucks forward Bobby Portis Jr., for example.

During a pregame warmup, a member of the Bucks’ social media team asked him if he had heard of Reddit, to which the big man replied with no. So, that individual showed Portis all of the memes made with his likeness. They are not mean spirited memes whatsoever, as they are puns on the forward’s name. And his reaction is priceless.

Portis got a kick out of the Reddit memes

From “Bobby Porterhouse” to “Bobby Tortise,” the puns would make anyone who loves bad dad jokes smile. And Portis seemed to genuinely like the memes, and even said he’d check out some other ones made of him.

After spending last season with the New York Knicks, Portis is having a bounce-back year with the Eastern Conference powerhouse. Through 21 games this season, Portis is averaging 11.5 points and 7.5 rebounds a night while shooting a career-high 55.8 percent from the field and 50.0 percent from the 3-point line.

Portis shined during Wednesday’s 130-110 victory over the Indiana Pacers. In 17 minutes, he put up 18 points and 9 rebounds while shooting 7-for-13 from the field and 4-for-5 from behind the arc.

If you ever wondered if your favorite athlete sees your Photoshop memes, the answer is yes. It may take the social media team for them to set their eyes on them, but they are seen nonetheless. But please, keep the memes classy.

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