Bradley Beal makes it crystal clear what he thinks about the trade rumors

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Bradley Beal is upset with how his season with the Wizards is being portrayed in the media and clears up trade rumors.

Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal has been the topic of much discussion in this short-lived NBA season so far. Despite averaging 34.9 points per game this season on .479/.340/.891 shooting splits, the Wizards currently sit at 4-12, dead last in the Eastern Conference. Beal has been visibly frustrated during games and on the sidelines following losses and has been thrown into several trade rumors because of it.

Beal is tied up in a five-year, $127 million max contract in Washington, where he’s been the franchise player since John Wall was shipped to Houston. In the midst of all the craziness, he has taken some time to make clear what’s important to him.

He told The Athletic that he has no desire to be traded away from the Wizards, and is simply frustrated with the fact that they can’t seem to figure it out. He’s also annoyed by how he’s being portrayed in the media when other players have behaved similarly and forced their way to other franchises.

There is a long way to go before the March 25 deadline and if Beal does request a trade, not many could blame him. The addition of Russell Westbrook just hasn’t yielded the results many thought it might. Westbrook has struggled and has seen his frustrations boil over much more than Beal’s has.

There’s still plenty of time that has to pass between now and the March 25 deadline. If he were to request a trade, not many could blame him. For now, Beal will have to tough it out in Washington.

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