Larry Nance Jr. eats almost 100 chicken nuggets in #mevsnuggets challenge

Larry Nance Jr. has plenty of time on his hands as he recovers from finger surgery. He’s spending it by eating himself sick.

A career-year for Larry Nance Jr. was unfortunately interrupted by a broken finger and surgery that was expected to keep him out of the lineup for more than a month. But he’s finding ways to keep himself busy and stay connected with his team — the #mevsnuggets challenge.

Over at Dime, Robby Kalland explained the history and parameters of the challenge:

“NBA fans on the internet are a strange bunch, and one of the best examples of this is in Cleveland where the “Me vs. Nuggets” challenge has become an annual tradition whenever the Cavs face the Denver Nuggets. The premise is simple and can be traced back to @WayneEmbrysKids, who started it a decade ago, as they try to eat a chicken nugget for every point Denver scores in the game.”

For reference, the Nuggets have averaged 116.0 points per game this season so Nance Jr. had his work cut out for him. But he clearly knew what he was getting himself into, prepped with at least 120 nuggets.

How many chicken nuggets did Larry Nance Jr. actually eat?

Nance Jr. tweeted several times during the challenge — a bloated Garfield about an hour in and eventually (literally) waved the white flag late in the third quarter. At that point, the Denver Nuggets were closing in on 100 points. We don’t know exactly where Nance Jr. called it quits but it was likely very close to 100.

Even though he couldn’t finish, it seems safe to assume this was another personal record in a season of career-highs for Nance Jr. Here’s hoping his digestive system can make a full recovery by the time his finger does and we get to enjoy him back on the court soon.

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