Spurs: 4-player COVID outbreak leads to postponements and contact tracing

The next three San Antonio Spurs’ games have been postponed due to a four-player COVID-19 outbreak.

The sports world continues to be affecting by the COVID-19 disease. Until now, the San Antonio Spurs had been one of the NBA teams not yet affected by the pandemic, at least not that we know of. Now, four players have tested positive for COVID-19 after Sunday’s matchup with the Charlotte Hornets. We still don’t know who the affected players are at this time. So far, there haven’t been any reported positive tests from the Hornets nor the Atlanta Hawks, who San Antonio faced on Friday.

The NBA postpones Spurs and Hornets games after COVID-19 outbreak

The Spurs are currently sixth in the Western Conference with a 16-11 record. Their next three games versus the Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Knicks and Indiana Pacers have all been postponed. The Hornets’ next two games have been postponed as well as the NBA tests for contact tracing.

It looks like the Spurs are still in Charlotte and have been since Sunday’s game.

Our deepest thoughts are with the Spurs organization and the entire state of Texas as they face unprecedented extremely cold weather. We hope that all four players affected by COVID-19 are able to swiftly recover.

In the meantime, Pop’s team will have to figure out how to move their roster pieces around to remain competitive in the brutal Western Conference. As the names of the players are eventually released to the media, we can later look at exactly how this might affect San Antonio. But for now, the health and safety of all involved should be everyone’s primary concern.

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