Collin Sexton and Jarrett Allen have heated on-court argument (Video)

Jarrett Allen was openly yelling at Collin Sexton during Monday night’s game against the Warriors.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have gone from being a surprise playoff contender to a total disaster. The team has now lost eight straight and finished up a road trip Monday night with an embarrassing 129-98 loss to the Golden State Warriors.

The Cavs totally fell apart right before halftime and Collin Sexton made several poor decisions as a close score was wiped away. New center Jarrett Allen couldn’t take it anymore and started yelling at the point guard before heading into the locker room for halftime.

Jared Allen gets into it with Collin Sexton

This was terrible to see and just about sums up how the team has looked in February. The most embarrassing part of it all is the fact the Warriors stood on the court to watch this argument take place.

The Cavs are in a weird spot right now. Andre Drummond remains on the team but is now banished to the bench while a trade partner is sought out. Kevin Love remains out with an injury. Sexton and Allen are both due max extensions this offseason. Meanwhile, the team is headed back to the lottery.

Allen left a situation in Brooklyn where he was playing with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. He is going to get more playing time and money in Cleveland, but he is clearly frustrated after everything was going smoothly upon his arrival.

These highs and lows are unfortunately going to happen with such a young team. Fans are just wondering when things are actually going to turn around. If players like Sexton and Darius Garland don’t turn out to have consistent success the rebuild is going to continue on for quite some time.

The on-court argument could just be Allen frustrated at the end of a long and terrible road trip. Anything more than that jeopardizes the current plan the front office has in place and that would be a monumental problem.

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