What’s in the bottle of ‘secret stuff’ Chris Paul was drinking on the bench?

Suns guard Chris Paul has been drinking “secret stuff” on the sideline during Pheonix’s games this season.

Is Chris Paul trying to gain a special advantage during the 2021 NBA season? Why else would he be drinking something labeled “secret stuff”? Unless he’s a huge fan of the movie Space Jam.

The Suns guard was caught on camera during Phoenix’s game with the Grizzlies sipping out of a suspiciously familiar bottle.

Here’s another look at the bottle.

Paul isn’t the first one to do this, actually. Angels star Mike Trout was spotted drinking a similar elixir back in 2018.

Chris Paul is sipping on “secret stuff” during Suns games

When he played for the Houston Rockets, Paul was expected to appear in the Space Jam reboot starring LeBron James. The film “Space Jam: A New Legacy” is slated for release in July, so this could be a case of some early viral marketing. Strange, however, that it’s Paul who is the one doing it and not James himself.

Even if it’s not directly tied to the new movie, it’s a fun call back from Paul.

His play this season would suggest the “special stuff” is doing something for him. He is averaging 8.6 assists and 16.7 points, making his 11th All-Star roster. The Suns are 20-11 and in third place in the Pacific division, but only 1.5 games out of first place with Paul and Devin Booker leading the way.

The night he was caught with the bottle was a particularly great outing. He hit 4-of-5 three-point attempts to score 16 points with six assists. The night before, he had 19 assists.

Then again, anyone who has watched Space Jam knows the punchline here: “Michael’s secret stuff” is just water. So Paul clearly had it in him all along.

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