LeBron James shouts out Drake and Rick Ross for Lemon Pepper Freestyle

LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers

Drake’s connection with the NBA is nothing new, and the Association’s stars gave him his props for ‘Lemon Pepper Freestyle’.

As the famous saying goes, NBA players wish they could be rappers while rappers wish they could ball professionally. Very few get the opportunity to do both, minus Damian Lillard, Shaq and the select players who can spit bars. The rest are just as incapable of streaming together that type of lyrical genius as the rest of us.

Yet, Drake has always found a way to identify with the modern NBA player. Hell, he’s friends with most of them personally, and is the ‘global ambassador’ of the Toronto Raptors.

LeBron James eagerly awaited the reveal of ‘Scary Hours 2’, Drake’s new EP

Like any fan of rap, James waited up til midnight ET for the release of ‘Scary Hours’ onto streaming platforms. The end result was a mini-album which spoke directly to several prominent athletes, including James, Patrick Mahomes and even former Raptor great DeMar DeRozan. Whether it was the lyricism or close bond with the rapper, James was thrilled with the end result, and gave Drake props on Instagram on Friday.

‘Lemon Pepper Freestyle’, the third and final song on the EP, features Rick Ross and has garnered the most support and popularity thus far. In the song, Drake takes on any and all controversy, as well as some insight into what his lift is like now as a father. It’s another step in Drake’s development into one of the most recognizable voices in rap today.

In many ways, James’ career arc has coincided with Drake’s maturation as a musician. Because of this, the two feel culturally intertwined one way or another. For now, the rapper is on the King’s good side.

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