Police have to remove obsessed fan from Zach LaVine’s house

Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine’s popularity is quickly rising throughout the NBA but this fan took her obsession so far that the police had to get involved.

Zach LaVine was recently selected to participate in his first All-Star Game appearance in his seven-year NBA career. This Sunday, March 7, LaVine will suit up for Team Durant with the likes of Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Bradley Beal, Anthony Davis, and others.

The Chicago Bulls are currently tied with the Toronto Raptors for the eighth spot in the underwhelming Eastern Conference. They sit at 16-18 in what has been a slow road to progression for the Bulls franchise.

They’ve been successful in large part because of LaVine’s breakout season. He’s averaging 28.7 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 5.1 assists so far this season. While LaVine is slowly becoming a household name, this fan somehow got into his house. Seriously.

Police involved in the removal of a fan from Zach Lavine’s house

Authorities were called to the home of Zach Lavine on Thursday night after an allegedly obsessed woman showed up at his door and refused to leave. In what could have been a very scary situation, LaVine was at his home when the woman whom he did not know arrived.

According to TMZ, the cops were called and when they arrived, they took her to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation. The woman was not formally arrested and has not yet been charged with a crime. We certainly hope that LaVine and his closest friends and family are safe after such a strange event.

Fans can watch LaVine participate in the All-Star Game this Sunday, March 7 live from Atlanta, Georgia.

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