LeBron James’ business maneuvers continue to impress with latest endorsement deal

LeBron James has left the Coke family and signed a new deal with Pepsi in a huge move for him off of the hardwood. 

While LeBron James will no doubt go down as one of the best players in NBA history, you can also argue his savvy business moves are equally as brilliant. Yes, James is a magician on the court, but when he’s rocking a suit and glasses, he also knows how to cash in big time.

Take his latest move, for example. News broke that James has decided to leave Coca Cola and has officially signed with Pepsi to become the face of the company’s new Mountain Dew energy drink. Talk about a brilliant decision.

Pepsi made a big splash this week by stealing LeBron James away from Coca Cola

So, not only will we be watching James in his Space Jam version, but we can also take down an energy drink in his honor as well? Sign us up.

For James, he really knows how to market himself and it should come as no surprise that some of the biggest companies in the world are willing to do whatever it takes to have him join their family. As for his business on the hardwood, James and the Los Angeles Lakers are in the middle of another fantastic campaign.

After winning the NBA Finals in 2020, James and the Lakers look poised to try and repeat. At the same time, James has been so great, he’s once again in the MVP hunt. In what’s been a special year for King James, things just keep getting better and better for him and his family. We’ll see if he can add another Finals ring to his collection later this year.

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