NBA Twitter in a state of shock that Blake Griffin can dunk again

It took one game for Blake Griffin to get back to his dunking ways, now on the Brooklyn Nets.

2020 was a COVID year and a year without Blake Griffin dunking. Well, guess what? It is 2021 baby, and Griffin is jamming it down in his first game with the Brooklyn Nets. Detroit Pistons fans are channeling their inner Jack Buck, as they do not believe what they just saw.

The man who built himself a Hall-of-Fame career by dunking over Kia Optimas was back at it again. I am not saying the Pistons were holding him back, but … oh, who am I kidding? That is exactly what I am saying! The world is healing, as Griffin is getting back to what he does best: Dunking the basketball. No more “Point Blake” nonsense or ultra-finesse 3-point shooting. Griffin slams FTW!

The Detroit Pistons were clearly holding Blake Griffin back from dunking

The last time I got this excited over an in-game dunk, Kyle Korver proved he was more than a 3-point shooter for my beloved Atlanta Hawks. This is exactly how I expect Nets fans to feel right now.

Seeing Griffin robbed of all of his athleticism broke our hearts, but to watch him go vertical again brought a smile to all of our faces.

While it was cool to know that Griffin and I had something in common, as in not dunking a single basketball in 2020, I tip my cap for his courageous bravery to willingly get off the ground and elevate. You are a better man than me, Blake. You really are.

Even in the midst of March Madness going on, that did not stop Griffin from throwing it down. For a brief second there, it felt like we were watching a Lob City game instead of dead-air space between Chris Paul State Farm commercials. If Griffin never dunked a basketball in a game again, I feel like we all would have been deprived of something holy, righteous and downright excellent.

If that was the last time we got to see Griffin dunk a basketball, then it was 100 percent worth it.

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