Dwyane Wade says if he made a comeback, ‘I want to be Jordan Clarkson’

Dwyane Wade made it clear if he were to ever make an NBA comeback in an alternate reality he would want to be just like Jordan Clarkson.

The Utah Jazz have the best record in the NBA and one of the best players on the team has not made a single start this season. That player is Jordan Clarkson.

The guard is averaging right under 26 minutes per game off the bench and is second on the team in scoring only behind Donovan Mitchell. He comes in, shoots at will, and is not looked at as someone who must carry the team.

Dwyane Wade loves this style of play and commented on it recently in his role as a TNT analyst. He made it clear that if he were to get a do-over in the NBA he would want to be just like Clarkson.

Dwyane Wade wants to be Jordan Clarkson in another life

This is an amazing quote. Wade famously slowed down as his career wore on after so many years as the guy. However, he now says he would love to fill the Clarkson role of coming off the bench with the ultimate green light. And if his team loses? Oh well, a sixth man doesn’t have to answer to the media on a nightly basis.

Clarkson was traded to Utah from Cleveland in 2019 and was given a nice four-year deal before the start of this season. He is averaging nearly 15 shots per game and shoots at will when he is on the floor. Plenty of NBA players, and former ones like Wade, clearly fantasize about having such a role. The pressure of being a superstar is gone and the goal is just to keep shooting.

Some young players may want to be like D-Wade. But he may have cracked the code of how to make a fortune and play for a long time. Just be like Clarkson.

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