Here we go again: NBA analyst opens door to Stephen Curry playing with LeBron

Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers

NBA analyst Chris Broussard jumped on the hypothetical train and rode it all the way to Stephen Curry one day teaming up with LeBron James.

Curry will become an unrestricted free agent after the 2021-22 season, so speculation about his future hinges on whether Curry will remain with the Golden State Warriors.

On Tuesday’s episode of First Things First, Broussard tiptoed on the not-so-inconceivable notion of Curry leaving: “The more that time goes on, the less egregious the idea of Steph leaving Golden State seems.”

Broussard’s comments come a few weeks after The Hoop Collective podcast host Brian Windhorst first toyed with the idea of the two Akron-bred stars on the same team.

After Curry and LeBron played together in the NBA All-Star game, Windhorst pointed out just how much LeBron was praising Steph. “How much he loves his game, how much he respects him….LeBron has obviously begun the recruiting of Steph,” Windhorst said at the time.

Note the obvious: Curry will want to stay with teammates Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, who helped the Warriors win three championships and break season records. Curry has shown no intention of leaving at all, but plans to become a one-team franchise legend.

NBA analyst also says “Why not?” to Stephen Curry playing with LeBron

But fellow NBA analyst Nick Wright also reminds those optimistic Golden State fans that when Klay Thompson comes back, he won’t be the same after his injuries.

While Thompson will add much-needed offensive firepower to a currently Curry-dominated Warriors team, Wright said, “it’s not going to be the 2015 Splash Brothers all over again.”

Don’t forget that there’s a new dynasty contender on the block, too. Even if the Warriors do get back to winning ways, they will most likely be shadowed by the Thanos-like superteam that is now the Brooklyn Nets. Broussard predicts Golden State won’t make it far in the playoffs, and then, “would it be terrible for Steph to look at going to play with LeBron?”

At the end of the day, hypotheticals are just that: hypothetical. Curry leaving the Warriors for the Los Angeles Lakers – or any other team for that matter – is more fanfiction than reality.

Everybody will expect the Warriors to do whatever they can to keep Curry for his entire career, and while there will always be pot-stirrers and speculation-mongers, the odds are definitely not in their favor.

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