WNBA releases new NFT collection built around voter activism

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The WNBA Players Association is raising funds for voting rights by breaking out a brand new NFT collection that will go on sale soon.

It looks like WNBA players have come together and are working to find new innovative ways to make some money with the intent of putting it towards causes benefitting voting rights.

According to a report from Clare Brennan of Just Women’s Sports, the WNBA Players Association is getting ready to release a brand new, official NFT collection which will be on the OpenSea Platform. The collection is slated to be released on Thursday and, according to the report, proceeds will be put towards voting rights.

This is the first NFT collection to be released by the WNBA Players Association.

According to Brennan’s report, a collaboration has been formed with Hoopers Vote. In her report, Brennan notes that the Hoopers United NFT collection will end up donating over 50 percent of sales to Rock the Vote and the WNBA Players Association.

WNBA Players Association to raise money for voting rights by using NFT collection

With the rise of NFT and the numerous types of cryptocurrency seemingly always being in the news, this is a pretty interesting way for the WNBA Players Association to raise some funds for causes that it supports.

While many are quick to dismiss NFTs for one reason or another, it is worth pointing out that this collection does have some pretty interesting works of art that feature the likeness of some WNBA greats. So, in addition to supporting a cause that WNBA players support, the collection also helps show off WNBA players.

It’s definitely an interesting way of raising money.

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