Collecting the most mind-boggling Wilt Chamberlain stats

Join the Over and Back Classic NBA Podcast as we explore more mind-boggling Wilt Chamberlain statistics.

In this episode of Over and Back, we prove once again that there is always a Wilt Chamberlain stat, and this time we take it a step further looking at stats that ONLY Wilt has ever had.

With help from’s powerful tools, we can find statistical lines and achievements only accomplished by one player in NBA history: Wilt Chamberlain.

When you search for times in NBA history a player scored 62 points and had 32 rebounds in a game, you’ll only get one result: Wilt.

When you search for players with 72 points and 20 rebounds in a game, you’ll only get one result: Wilt.

31 points, 40 rebounds: Wilt.

21 points, 21 rebounds, 21 assists: Wilt.

You get the idea! Join us as we dive into’s tools to find #OnlyWilt stats.

Participate in our Wilt Chamberlain #OnlyWilt challenge!

If you want to participate in our #OnlyWilt challenge, please share your #OnlyWilt Stathead results on Twitter or Facebook. Just tag @Stathead and @OverAndBackNBA and make sure you use the hashtag #OnlyWilt so we can share it with our listeners.

This episode of Over & Back is brought to you by! Use our code BACK to receive $20 off any of’s powerful sports research tools.

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